Tijuana, Baja California




800 SF



A clandestine and classy space, located inside Oryx Capital, where the spirit of the Prohibition-Era Speakeasy lives on.

Nortico Floorplan (Hero).jpg

By incorporating unique light fixtures and giving the over head wooden fixtures – picture frames and ceiling – a golden finish, Nortico becomes a comfortable and sophisticated space, reminiscent of off-grid nostalgia.

Instead of serving bootleg gin,

this speakeasy serves specialty cocktails.

The simplicity of the wooden slabs is reworked to resemble an abstract mountainous range, giving Nortico a completely different atmosphere which transports patrons to far away lands.

Speakeasy (Hero).jpg

After the Prohibition, there was a major and permanent shift in American social life. The illicit bars − referred to as blind pigs and gin joints − multiplied, especially in urban areas.

They ranged from fancy clubs with jazz bands and ballroom dance floors to dingy back rooms to basements and rooms inside apartments.

No longer segregated from drinking together, men and women reveled in Speakeasies.

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