2,800 SF

Tijuana, Baja California




With its proximity to southern California and its influence from Baja-Med, Tijuana has become a culinary hot spot. Blending flavors and style to create a unique culinary experience.

This project is a casual and comfortable space for young professionals, entrepreneurs, and the well traveled to enjoy.

The duality of the city, the food, and the space

allow us to merge comfort with progress.

By avoiding the design process used by other local restaurants

− mimicking popular San Diego design trends −

a truly unique space was created.

A photograph of a herd of Oryx was imprinted onto a series of perforated sheets in order to form the project's facade. In doing so, the project's exterior, like its interior, establishes its own unique design language.

After nearly facing extinction, the Oryx, a hardy creature who almost rivals the camel in tenacity and suitability, is today reclaiming its place in the arid desert environment.

Oryx Nortico

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