Oryx Capital Restaurant and Nortico Speakeasy

Type: Restaurant & Bar
Size: 2,800 SF
Location: Tijuana, MX
Collaborators: N/A
Status: Built

Tijuana Mexico is becoming a culinary hotspot; with its proximity to southern California and its influences from Baja-Med it’s an amazing blend in flavors and style. Unfortunately, it’s passion for architecture and interior design has not caught up with its progressive culinary arts. All restaurateurs look to popular San Diego design trends in order to establish their design concepts. This has been a huge setback since by the time trends are popular that usually means that they are on their way out.To avoid falling into the same old process, we set out to design a unique solution that responded to the clients needs, a casual and confortable place for young professionals with a speakeasy for the entrepreneur and well traveled. The duality of the city, the food, and the space let us to merge cozy with progressive.