Type: Residential
Size: 4,500 SF
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Collaborators: N/A
Status: In Progress

The project is located in the prestigious Doheny Estates neighborhood within the Bird Streets area of Los Angeles. These lots where designed and built to provide incredible city views from each individual lot while maintaining larger estate lots for privacy. The existing home had the intentions of the American classic Mid-Century style which had been compromised in the late 80’s early 90’s with a postmodern remodel. The project naturally became, in part, a re-envisioning that would reincorporate open floor plans, integration with nature, passive solar, separation of public/private spaces, and the needs of the American Family. Since a lot has changed in the last sixty years since this home was originally built and the Mid-Century movement began, the project also needed to feature contemporary elements in technology and culture.

The original Mid-Century homes featured innovative use of materials, this remodel projects features a digitally fabricated wooden entry courtyard screen with varying apertures that was designed to mimic the old CMU decorative block walls. In true Mid-Century fashion, the ample glazing in this remodel project is now replaced with movable glazing walls that store away allowing a true connection with nature. Another re-envisioned feature is that of the exposed roof joists, in this project the exposed roof joists extend outward creating a trellis like structure at the end of the roof to further enhance the passive solar qualities of the home. To further enhance it’s connection to nature a garden inserts into the kitchen area of the house also creating a separation between public and private spaces. Finally, thru the use of a organic pallet the project is a unique design that re-envisions the mid-century aesthetic.