Type: Multi-Family Residential
Size: 40,000 SF
Location: Tijuana, MX
Collaborators: N/A
Status: In Progress

The project is located in Tijuana Mexico, where the demand for housing exceeds that of apartments but with its proximity to southern California, the housing market in Tijuana is unattainable for many, leaving families to live in cramped, dysfunctional, and cookie cutter apartments. In addition, the city also lacks public amenities such as parks and open spaces.

With 2 units per floor, the proposed project features expansive outdoor terraces that can be used for outdoor lounging, dining, and children play areas. These outdoor spaces create a necessary connection to the environment that’s missing from the typical apartment buildings. In addition, these terraces double the living space of the apartments for a fraction of the cost, since the cost for construction are much lower unconditioned spaces. By providing large outdoor spaces these apartments can become more attractive than urban single family housing.

More than half of the units in the project are 3 bedroom or larger units, in order to accommodate more families into the development. Unlike most apartment buildings, in which they set the building envelope and then work backward to cram the units in, these units were designed by laying out the typical units first and then accommodated them into a building. The result is comfortable and functional spaces resembling those of a house more than those of a typical apartments.