Cacho Tower - Apartment Building

Type: Multi-Family Residential
Size: 160,000 SF
Location: Tijuana, MX
Collaborators: N/A
Status: Un-Built

Market Conditions:

Most people are within the target price range, but preffer single family homes. Thus, our goal became to create the singel family experience in a residnetial apartment complex.

Unit Design:

The goal was to design units which are comfortable. Most high rise construction is set with a floor area in mind and they work back to fit the units in. We started with a unit that would be comparable in size to those of the units of rental apartment developers. 75, 90, 150m2 se made comfortable spaces within these parameters and then laid the tower around it. With this approach we were able to get the efficiency ratio to 11%.

Strategic use of site:

Although two similar towers can be constructed. we feel that the podium design adds value while respecting the scale of the neighborhood. The podium steps down to the lower scale of the community.The podium also creates a larger more usable outdoor space. having two towers would leave you with minimal out door space. with the podium we expand the outdoor space and maximize the views to the city. Views would be hardly achieved when creating a outdoor space on the ground floor, because you would want the pool on the south side.

Lobby Height:

The Lobby is sunken in order to maximize the 10 Story Limit while increasing the lobby height.

Slab Concept:

Vertical living is nothing more than than an extension of the horizontal plane. We wanted to emphasize the horizontal plane to help us communicate that this building is a home, it carves out a plane of space and places it up high in an urban environment.

Screen Design:

Screens additional exterior spaces with privacy, making them much more useful as an integration of the interior design. while also creating sun shade. Screens can also be oriented to maximize views while increasing privacy.