Rosarito, Baja California


Commercial Office Building


5,500 SF


In Progress


The proposed project is a combination of a commercial and office building serving as the new base of operations for Lagsa, a real estate company based in Rosarito. Our goal was to convert the existing dirt property into a more modern building worthy of it's international clients. By expanding vertically, the company's branches have enough space to work comfortably. Consequently, the property's rear was transformed into employee parking in order to accommodate the customer parking at the project's front.

As you enter the project, you are greeted by the grandiose lobby and it's central staircase.

The first floor serves as the primary commercial space. Divided by the lobby, the sales branch cashiers and offices are placed on the right while the left houses an employee kitchen and dining area in the back and three 700 SF shop units in the front, each with its own entry. The second floor houses the area of operations which includes the accountant offices, the human resources office, the director's offices, etc. along with meeting rooms, a kitchenette, and balcony. The third floor houses the principal office, director's office, an additional work area, and the primary meeting room which oversees the area of operations. This floor also contains three balconies along with a private staircase and elevator for executive use only.

The project's facade is a perfect mixture of a commercial and an office building,

generating a unique and professional facade while remaining accurate to its surrounding landscape.

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