San Francisco, California




990 SF


In Progress

Located on the Presidio Tunnel Top Parks in San Francisco, Il Parco is a Grab and Go Italian restaurant. The programmatic circulation and open space creates a sense of playfulness, the kitchen is completely exposed and spacious enough for the staff to comfortably work while the customers can order inside, order outside, pick up inside, or pick up outside.

Veloce, Casual, & Elegante

In order to minimize circulation overlap, the cocktail bar was placed outside of the building. The bar is neatly housed under a curved pergola and is surrounded by a glass enclosure which creates a unique, semi−exterior atmosphere.

design opera  l  Ill Parco  l  entry to bar  l  web (Hero).jpg

Customers who are picking up orders can easily move through the project without bumping into a customer who is browsing through the restaurant's products nor with a customer who is waiting for their food or drink, the latter being the more likely.

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