Tijuana, Baja California


Food Court


2,110 SF



Tijuana's gastronomical boom not only prompted the rise of incredible restaurants, it also prompted the rise of gastronomical parks. Food Garden is our take on these popular parks.

The project is comprised of 10 puestos ranging from hamburger joints to traditional Mexican kitchens to the popular San Diego based ramen chain, Tajima. The project also includes 3 smaller puestos, tailored for smaller businesses like pastry or coffee shops, and a cocktail bar near the project's entry.

In order to enhance the project's sense of flexibility, the design language tried to follow the patrons' non-linear movements and interactions with the project. The walls curve on the horizontal plane as well as the vertical, the planters mimic the curving floor patterns, and many of the project's fixtures are purposefully curved.

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