Rosarito, Baja California




1,240 SF


In Progress

Frido provides a unique space where rural life and suburban fast-food elements meet, resulting in an accessible, fresh, and, above all, cool atmosphere which breaks the mold of repetitive and mundane fast-food joints.

The project is composed of key fast-food restaurant elements; kitchen, uni-sex bathroom, ordering station, condiments area, to-go/pick-up area, interior and exterior dining areas

The customers are transported through the use of fun and colorful materials mixed with an almost barn-like aesthetic, a considerably important factor due to the project's location along the edge of a crowded mall.

After the pandemic, it became apparent to incorporate a designated area for the to-go/pick-up orders in order to optimize the project's circulation and functionality. We took this opportunity to create shelves perpendicular to the ordering station where the bags could be placed, taking an element that is usually thought of as secondary and optimizing it's use to display Frido's brand, all while enhancing his stardom.

Who the hell is Frido?

"A free, loose, sleek character. Frido is a fly guy. He's the real deal."

Created by Bodega, a design studio based in São Paulo, BR and Rotterdam, NL, Frido is a contemporary yet retro inspired character who is flashy, fun, and unapologetic.

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