Tijuana, Baja California


Co-Living Apartments


103,300 SF



In recent years, Tijuana has seen a rise in co-living apartments. The city's lack of public amenities - parks and open spaces - has prompted it's citizens to seek social gatherings elsewhere.

UV - Facade Front (Hero).jpg

Located in a rising neighborhood, Umani Village makes it easy to meet people and discover the best the city has to offer while enjoying comfortable amenities, all the benefits of being a part of a built-in community member, and the convenience of the commercial amenities on the bottom floors.

These co-living apartments have become neighborhoods within buildings, a space where its residents can host spontaneous get-togethers, curated events, or simply bar-b-ques to watch the Sunday night game.

The open floor plans allow for a flexible space for young adults to adjust. The rawness of the space allows for it's resident to truly make it their own, their personality will be projected onto the apartment.

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