Los Angeles, California




4,500 SF



Located in the historic hillside landmark neighborhood of HollywoodLand, the latter omitted from the sign.

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The Hollywood hillside homes came with unique challenges; our goal was to exploit the opportunities of the challenging hillside regulations and add to the hillside's history, environment, and contemporary life style.

We began by understanding the original developer's guarantee to make commanding homes with a view. But due to excessive in-fill development over the last century, lot sizes became smaller, creating a bank of homes located at street level, creating dangerous driving conditions while increasing jurisdictional demands. We worked within the allowable floor area and Lot Coverage by creating effective basement levels and cantilevering entire floors. We achieved this while maximizing the livable space required and reducing the site's geological impact in both cubic yard removal and foot print.

We understood the Restrictions and the History with which we created the Hollywood(Land) Home.

Our space planning focused around the protected Oak Trees. Although they could be mitigated and grown else where, we decided to work with them in a semi-courtyard effect and create a buffer between the neighbors and our home while promoting traditional planning.

The decision to separate the project into two structures allowed us to increase the building height, raising the project, enabling the southern downtown view while decreasing its cubic yard soil removal, meeting one of the original requirements along with it.

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