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When living in an urban behemoth like Los Angeles, getting away from the city to unwind in wine country can be a hassle. So, the mission was to bring the architectural atmosphere found in wineries to the city.

Modeled after the client's vineyard in Lompoc, the interior of the space was strategically designed with wood accents, terracotta, granite walls, and barrel like tables to assimilate the feeling of wine country. The interior design combined with the urban atmosphere of the Art's District resulted in a versatile space. Whether you are meeting with a client during the day or meeting up with friends after work in the afternoon, this is truly a space where everyone can enjoy a glass (or a couple).


In a place like Los Angeles, more often than not, it can be particularly hard to find a coffee shop with its own identity.

The goal was to create a distinguishable space where one could not only enjoy an organic coffee but also experience the local, urban culture of LA's Fashion District. Through the addition of new, custom wooden equipment, the space became a projection of the organic qualities of the shop's products. From the counters to the cabinets to the overhead piece, Earth Bean gained an identity and created an experience no other shop offered.

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