Rosarito, Baja California




3,500 SF



A modern beach bungalow

TaiyoWatanabe-IMG_8090 (Hero).jpg

Designed for a retired couple, the concept of Marena Cove arises, a modern-style home that is divided into two elements, where each one is given a specific use. The project’s patio integrates the natural environment while giving access to the communal walkway, connecting the project with the site.

The section with the lower ceiling houses the bedrooms and bathrooms, in order to maintain their privacy, while the section with the higher ceiling houses the living room, dining room and kitchen. This space contains a ventilated ceiling, providing qualities of ventilation and natural lighting which in turn gives a sense of spaciousness to the interior.

Once the sun sets, the project eloquently adapts to the night. The characteristics of the beach bungalow are expressed through the rustic lighting decor throughout the project. The kitchen space takes on a more modern lighting experience, illuminating the overhead wall holding the client's wine.

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